The organizations and individuals listed below are included in the Resource Directory because they have demonstrated specific and up-to-date knowledge and expertise in CMOM. Their principal business is CMOM consulting, training, agency analysis, etc. They are not part of a general engineering or consulting firm - they are CMOM specific.

Inclusion in the list is - of course - not an endorsement nor a guarantee of capability or competence. However, they are well-known in the wastewater industry and are certainly a good place to begin when looking for CMOM solutions.

Note: A listing in the Resource Directory cannot be purchased or leased. Firms or individuals listed do not control the development and maintenance of this website.

If/when you think your organization has made the jump into CMOM in a way that fits the profile described above and you would like to be considered for inclusion on this page, please forward to the webmaster the appropriate corporate descriptive information that is specific to CMOM, e.g. CMOM program manager(s) name(s) and contact information, CMOM projects and clients, press releases, promotional brochures, website URL's linked to CMOM activities, etc.



(Listings appear in alphabetical order.)


Larson Consulting 

Services/products: Consulting Services to Municipal and Private Clients in Utility Management, Sanitary Sewer Collection System Operations and Maintenance, Operational Assessments, and Regulatory Compliance (California SSMP, etc.)
Region(s) served: National  
Principal contact: John Larson, P.E.
  Northern California 925-360-6600


Tilson & Associates, LLC 

Services/products: Personnel/operator equipment
Procedure training

Field operations training seminars
Operations consulting
Technical services
Region(s) served: National  
Principal contact: Stephen B. Tilson
  Torrington, CT 860 489 4840




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